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AquaScope and BT-MED Analyzer

Biotrack is engaged in developing innovative tools for ultrafast microbial screening, detection and specific identification. With the aim of shortening the detection time and thus preventing ecological and health-related microbial contamination.


We acted as the producer for Biotack’s aquascope and BT-MED analyzer systems.

Our Process


  • Production of the mechanical parts
    (aluminium milling parts, turning and cutting and edging).
  • Other parts purchased.
  • Assembly and mounting of the Biotrack AquaScope (placement of microscope, (fine) adjustment and commissioning was performed by Biotrack).

Control Systems

  • Electrical wiring and connecting the components.
  • Evaluation
  • Looking at possible improvements together with Biotrack.

The Aquascope Analyzer

The AquaScope Analyzer is an autonomous bioanalysis platform. It is used for rapid biological monitoring of specific microorganisms, in a laboratory or test location of your choice. The AquaScope Analyzer is able to measure specific micro-organisms in liquid samples from 1 to 500 ml.

Medical Applications

Two years ago the AquaScope Analyzer software was technically converted into the BT-MED Analyzer. This can be used in the medical sector with specially developed test kits.

For example, the BT-MED Analyzer can be used for various bacterial investigations, but also for the detection of
COVID-19 infections in patients. In addition to a positive or negative result, antibodies are also measured. Antibodies that indicate whether a person has built up immunity.

Combining both tests in one set provides healthcare professionals with a wide range of information for detailed monitoring of COVID-19 patients.