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Jouw idee. Onze oplossing.

ENGINEERING and production for a better world.

We design, engineer and manufacture solutions that enable a better tomorrow.


For more than 30 years we’ve been engineering and producing innovative solutions to complex problems.


We operate with four unique business units that all work seamlessly together. With several location across Twente, no project is too big or too small. 


We’re your local hands-on partner to put your ideas into production. We bring your ideas to life. No project is complete without thorough testing, optimizing and installation. 


We realise products and projects for clients all over the world. From developing entire engineering solutions, to serial product manufacturing.

Our Business Units


We translate your complex systems and processes into mobile, compact and well-engineered solutions. 


Your partner in charging development, prototyping, engineering & production. We help you realize the future of e-mobility.


Expert electrical engineering. From electrical engineering to small series, large series or serial production.

& Assembly

Serial product manufacturing and assembly. From raw material to finished product. Fully automized wherever possible.

Discover our own Product Solutions

HOAF Infrared Technology

Discover our chemical free weed-control solutions. 

Unwanted weeds in public spaces are a major problem. Public support for the use of chemical pesticides is declining due to the negative side effects  on health and the environment. With HOAF we’ve solved this problem by implementing heat as a way to permanently remove unwanted vegetation. 

These weed control systems allow for easy, convenient and effective weed management, with limited environmental impact.

Containerized Solutions

Complex Systems
Made Simple

  • Compact & Mobile

    We engineer complex systems and processes inside shipping containers and on skids, for a compact and mobile plug & play solution.

  • Modular and Scalable

    We build solutions with the future in mind. Modular and scalable, giving you the flexibility you need to grow.

  • Everything under one roof

    We do everything in house. This way you have one point of contact who will take the entire project off your hands. From production to transportation. All under one roof.

Charging Solutions

Sustainable Mobility

  • Serial Production

    We take your ideas from paper to serial production. Our electrical, software and mechanical engineers will help you go from a prototype to production at scale.

  • Solution Development & Engineering

    E-mobility is developing at a rapid pace. We can help you stay ahead. Whether you need bi-directional charging, AC or DC, or clever and unique design, we're the one-stop partner to make that happen.

  • Innovative E-Mobility Solutions

    We see e-mobility as a small part of an entire sustainable ecosystem. We develop solutions that grow that ecosystem. From smart charging and energy management to smart cities and infrastructure.

Control Systems


  • Traditional the modern way

    We're turning electrical engineering on its head. From electrical engineering and software development to serial production, we're making a traditional field modern.

  • Plug & Play

    We build plug & play solutions, ensuring maximum simplicty. Full flexibility and short installation process. Simply connect the cables and you're good to go.

  • Diversity

    From small electrical components to large scale control systems for your entire production facility. Reliable and built according to your needs and wishes every time. Small series, large series or entire serial production.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Serial Production

  • From prototype to series

    We take your ideas and make them tangible. From individual components to entire product manufacturing and assembly.

  • Everything under one roof

    We produce products for a wide variety of sectors. We have all disciplines in house. From assembly, to welding, machining and milling.

  • Your R&D partner

    We take you through each and every product design decision. We guide you through the options from materials and manufacturing techniques to components and automizations.

We are dedicated to building a better tomorrow.

NieuweWeme is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow. All our Business Units are unique and have their own unique set of strengths and skills. But they do all have one thing in common. They’re all NieuweWeme business units. We don’t just produce for external customers, but also for ourselves. This way, we can keep each discipline and manufacture each component of a project in house. All our business units work together to build lasting and quality relationships with our customers. 

Only together can we make a real difference. 


We help clients in a variety of sectors.
From Twente to the rest of the world.

The number one makers for a better tomorrow. ​

The number one makers for a better tomorrow. ​

NieuweWeme is part of the Koolen Industries Group. A combination of 27 companies on a mission to speed up the energy transition. With former booking.com CEO, Kees Koolen, at the helm of Koolen Industries, we work together with our Koolen Industries partners to make a sustainable future possible, today. NieuweWeme is the trusted production and engineering company for the Koolen Industries Group. 

EV charging with a lamp post.

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