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Bidirectional Charging

Born from the ambition to make clean mobility accessible to everyone, We Drive Solar makes electric driving on solar energy possible.

Electric cars are made available on a subscription basis for people with a driving license, in an ever-growing We Drive Solar network with solar panels and charging stations.

The WeDriveSolar Charging Solution

The charging station has two charging points with a capacity of 22 kW per channel. We Drive Solar’s handy and user-friendly drip system ensures that customers in various places in the Netherlands can use the available loaner cars and charging stations. Thanks to the back office of Last Mile Solutions, it is also possible to use the charging stations without a subscription.

Vehicle to grid technology

The We Drive Solar charging station is one of the first Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging stations in the Netherlands. This means that, provided the vehicle is suitable for this, power can also be returned by the vehicle in addition to charging. Here, the vehicle acts as a battery that discharges energy in order to supply power at peak times.