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Salttech is a fast-growing, innovative company engaged in water purification applications in the food industry, drinking water and up- and downstream process industries.

Over the years, Salttech has developed an effective and responsible way of water treatment with its own knowledge, the DyVaR technology.


NieuweWeme produced and installed Salttech’s DyVaR-60 system. 

Our Process


  • Mechanical Engineering
    (complete container and ski setup including the piping).
  • Electrical engineering.


  • Production of the mechanical parts
    (container construction, skids, piping, supports and stairs).
  • The panel and housing building
  • Production of the control cabinets.
  • Assembly and mounting of the container set-up including skids and piping.
  • Electrical wiring and connecting the components.
  • Factory Acceptance Test of the entire installation including software.


  • Transport of the installation from Oldenzaal to the customer.
  • Completely built on-site, connected, tested and delivered ready for operation.

DyVar Technology

The DyVaR is a modular system consisting of small vessels called DyVaR Units (Dynamic Vapor Recovery Units). With this system, water is desalinated without membranes by using a natural process that creates deposits.

The modular construction of the system ensures that the installation can easily be expanded to the desired capacity and speed.

On-site Installation

Modern dairies produce caseinates (protein from milk) for a variety of applications, utilizing virtually every component of milk or whey.

One of the few waste streams that arises is the concentrate from the RO system, where the milk salts from part of the production process are collected. The DyVaR system effectively converts the brine (from the RO system) into fresh water and a valuable alternative fertilizer product for agriculture, thus supporting the circular economy.