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Innovating to create sustainable progress.

Our team of Engineers have developed amazing products for years. Explore our unique solutions.

Our team of engineers at NieuweWeme has a rich history of developing unique products that have made a lasting impact. With years of experience under our belt, we have honed our expertise and crafted unique solutions that push the boundaries of innovation. Our unified approach ensures that we consistently deliver the highest quality results, precisely on time, meeting and exceeding your specifications. With a deep-rooted commitment to serial and modular design thinking, innovation is ingrained in our DNA.

The combination of passion for innovation and sustainable values ensured success in many projects. Check out two examples of this success.

Non-chemical Weed Control Solutions

Experience weed control without harmful chemicals. Our eco-friendly solutions keep your landscape, public space or agricultural fields pristine while protecting the environment.

Sustainable Innovation

HOAF Infrared Technologies

HOAF, a sub-company of NieuweWeme, is at the forefront of revolutionizing non-chemical weed control solutions. With a dedicated focus on environmental sustainability, HOAF offers a range of innovative and effective products designed to eliminate weeds without the use of harmful chemicals. Our cutting-edge technologies and expert engineering ensure efficient and eco-friendly weed control, providing you with a solution while safeguarding the well-being of the environment. Trust HOAF to deliver reliable, non-chemical weed control solutions that prioritize both your needs and the planet’s health.

Water purification

Clean water, sustainably

  • Engineering

    Our engineers, rooted in sustainability and innovation, developed several solutions for circular ways of water treatment.

  • In-House Production

    We produce everything ourselves, reducing on waste and transportation emissions. Whether it's mechenical parts, panels, housing, control cabinets or wiring: we produced it.

  • Implementation

    Our solutions can be applied in many industries. Large solutions are often built on-site, connected, tested and delivered ready for operation.

Water Purification without Chemicals

The Rotating Brush Separator (RBS) revolutionizes liquid purification. With its sustainable and chemical-free approach, it efficiently removes solid matter from liquids, delivering exceptional quality for a wide range of industries.

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