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NieuweWeme Group

4 business units:
1 Production-Powerhouse

Our multidisciplinary approach to realising your projects and products.

Explore our four business units below to find out how we can help you make an impact.

Each of our business units has their own specialisation. Nevertheless, they all work together, across multiple teams to ensure we always deliver the highest quality, on time. Your product or project delivered exactly as specified.  Serial and modular design-thinking is in our DNA. We combine your imagination, collaborate teams and over 30 years of experience to realise your project or product. Exactly how you want it. 

Our strength lies in our diversity. Regardless of your challenge, we can release the full solution in-house. The only partner you need from start to finish. 

Containerized Solutions

We translate your complex systems and processes into mobile, compact and well-engineered solutions. Modular, mobile and simple design.  

We think outside the box, but design inside it.


Your partner in development, prototyping, engineering. serial production and public charging infrastructure realization.

Mobility reimagined.


Electrical engineering for any application. Your challenge, our solution. Small series, large series or serial production. 

Electrical Engineer, modernized.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Serial product manufacturing and assembly. From raw material to finished product. Fully automized wherever possible. 

Your in-house production partner.

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Containerized Solutions

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