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Koolen Industries aqcuires NieuweWeme

The NieuweWeme Group in Oldenzaal will be part of Koolen Industries as of 1 July 2021. With this acquisition, Koolen Industries has everything it needs to design, produce, install and maintain the clean and smart energy solutions from its portfolio “in house”.

Kees Koolen's sustainable ambition

The acquisition of the NieuweWeme Group was a logical next step for Koolen Industries to grow further in the supply of clean and smart energy solutions. 

“With this acquisition, in addition to the engineering, we also have the electrical installation, various containerized solutions and charging stations for electric cars, trucks and buses in-house. This enables us to offer an even better “one stop shop” solution to customers who are dealing with integral issues in the energy transition. Think, for example, of the combination of electric charging with solar panels and battery storage, all of which is integrally linked with smart software,” says Kees Koolen (CEO Koolen Industries).

The NieuweWeme Groep has been working with the companies of Koolen Industries for a number of years. For example, NieuweWeme has already built special containers for Proton Ventures for the storage and transport of green ammonia – a form of sustainable hydrogen storage. In addition to the Battolyser, the current container modifications which are produced by NieuweWeme, they also work closely with SuperB to supply advanced lithium batteries as a single package. NieuweWeme also designs and builds SmartGrid’s Energy Storage Containers, Energy Racks and Energy Trailers. Moreover, NieuweWeme, together with We Drive Solar, recently won the largest Dutch order ever for smart charging stations -Rotterdam: 4650 units-.

Gerben Hilboldt appointed as new CEO

Gerben Hilboldt, who has been working for Koolen Industries for 2 years as Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as CEO, taking over from Ben Nieuwe Weme, founder of the NieuweWeme Group. 

“I want to leave the world cleaner than I found it. The products and solutions that the NieuweWeme Group has developed and built fit perfectly with the strategy of Koolen Industries. In addition to the Energy Containers, there are also containers that are built for desalination of water, or take the RBS (Rotating Brush Separator) for example, a great invention that fits in an ordinary sea container and can separate solids from liquids without the use of chemicals. or other means. With such containerized solutions and solution-oriented thinking, we want to be able to modularly link these systems to each other and thus offer total solutions for our customers,” says Gerben Hilboldt.

Ben Nieuweweme stated: “I am happy to have found the successor I was looking for in Gerben Hilboldt and I am 100% convinced that he can further expand this company in combination with Koolen Industries. In the coming period I will remain involved with the company to guide and support Gerben, to make it an even greater success together with him and Koolen Industries than it already is.”

Koolen Industries

Koolen Industries works on clean energy and clean mobility for everyone. The companies within Koolen Industries offer solutions for generating clean energy, and for the storage, transport and delivery of this clean energy at the right place at the right time. With this, Koolen Industries offers a range of solutions that help consumers, companies and governments to make real progress in the transition to clean energy and clean mobility. Whether it concerns solar energy, small or large batteries, infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, or a combination of these with intelligent control; Koolen Industries makes it work.

Koolen Industries has a broad portfolio of companies including, BonGo Solar, NovaVolt and BeSolar; SuperB, Smart Grid, Kraftblock, Elestor, Greenbattery; Floading Energy, We Drive Solar, Urban Mobility Systems; Proton Ventures, Battolyser systems; EIT InnoEnergy, Aziobot and Hardt Hyperloop; Sympower, Deftpower and Skoon; and now also in the NieuweWeme Group.