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Lifts for healthcare

JOYinCARE contributes to more fun in healthcare while building to keep healthcare sustainable and affordable. The products reduce the physical burden for the care provider and increase the self-esteem for the client. JOYinCARE makes a positive contribution by always putting the client’s or care provider’s requirements first and continuously looking for new solutions.

From advice in the right choice of aids to the personal measurement or maintenance of hoists. JOYinCARE thinks along and helps throughout the entire process to support the care as optimally as possible.


Together with JOYinCARE, these products contribute to an increased enjoyment and impact in the healthcare sector. 

Our Process


  • Mechanical Engineering
    (further development of the hoists and modular options).


  • Production of the mechanical parts
    (all metal parts).
  • Additional parts purchased (plastic hood, electrical components, wheels).
  • Serial assembly and mounting of the hoists.
  • Each product is tested according to customer-defined standards.

The right solution for every healthcare problem

Together with the care recipient, care provider and care institution, we focus on the need. With innovative, sustainable and high-quality products, we have the right solution for every care requirement. These products make work lighter and therefore more enjoyable.

A hoist is the ideal solution for transferring patients with limited mobility to and from the bed, wheelchair or toilet. Due to the support that the lift provides, the transfer takes place in the most safe and comfortable way for both the patient and the caregiver.

Continuous Process Optimization

The lifts developed have been simplified together with JOYinCARE and divided into modules. The chassis is fitted with electrically mobile or manual components and combined with the chosen spreader bar. For example, JOYinCARE can offer different types of active and passive hoists with a short production time, based on the wishes of the customer.

Based on user experiences and market developments, possible optimizations of the products are continuously looked at within the collaboration with JOYinCARE. In addition, new solutions are sought for adjacent issues in order to continue to improve and support care.