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Chemical-free Weed control

Weeds are a major problem for maintenance in public spaces, but also for agriculture and horticulture, where the use of chemical pesticides is increasingly restricted.

HOAF has been providing thermal solutions for non-chemical weed control for over 50 years. Due to the experience and knowledge that has been built up during this period, the applied gas-fired technology developed excels through technical ingenuity, high energy efficiency and its large capacity.

Product offering

Together with HOAF, we are designing, developing and producing new products to increase the product offering of HOAF. 

Broad Product Offering

With the accumulated knowledge and experience, HOAF has now built up a wide range of burners. From hand burners for public spaces to leaf burners that are used for killing weeds and crop residues by organic and sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

As a partner and part of the NieuweWeme Group, all burners are produced entirely by the group, with the various companies within the group each taking care of a part of the production in order to achieve the desired result.

Identifying New Opportunities

A simple and modular structure is important for HOAF products. When developing new products, you see parts of existing products. A way to avoid stockpiling a wide variety of parts.

Partly due to this overlap, the identity of a HOAF product is never lost. If a product from the standard range does not meet the requirements and wishes, a customer can receive a tailor-made burner without it losing the appearance of HOAF!