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Traditional Electrical Engineering Made Modern

Electrical Engineering
Made Modern

The production of control systems and switch cabinets are fairly traditional disciplines. We’re here to change that. 

NieuweWeme began its journey as an electrical engineering company over 30 years ago. Since then we’ve grown and expanded our expertise. We’re on a mission to turn traditional control systems into modern electrical engineering solutions. 


We build complex e-engineering solutions for a wide variety of sectors and clients. From one-off systems to entire series. We’re experts at translating our customers’ systems into plug and play cabinets. Whether you simply need control units to manage your current electrical system, or you need a custom-made solution with full software control and AI capability, we can make it happen. 

Expert Electrical Engineers

State of the art electrical engineering. We’re experts at translating your processes into plug and play solutions. 

Modular Way of Working

Future-proof design is what we’re best at. We always engineer and produce in scalable and modular ways to give you full control. 

Full in-house production

We produce everything in house. One single point of contact for all your control systems. From casing to components. 

Quality electrical control


  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is never compromised. All our staff are highly trained and we work together with you to find the optimal solution.

  • ISO Certified

    ISO: 9001:2015 certified.

  • In-house Development & Production

    We produce and manufacture every component we can in-house. This way we control as much of the process as possible, as sustainably as possible. From housing to electrical design and diagrams.

  • International

    We build for clients all over the world. From Twente to Tokyo - there's no limit!

Modular Design


Technical possibilities are growing rapidly. That’s why, when it comes to managing processes, cost-efficient working is becoming increasingly important. Our engineers work according to the necessary standards to convert your wishes, requirements and specifications into a technical design.

With the right hardware and software engineering, we help and advise on the concept, functionality, simplicity and modular possibilities. Together we contribute to increasing manageability and efficient production. Analysis, development, testing and design form the basis of our successful collaboration with  you.

We do it all. From one-off control systems to entire series. Small electrical products to large scale control panels. 

Quality &


As an ISO-certified company, we are continuously working internally to improve processes, quality and cooperation in order to better meet your needs and requirements. Depending on your wishes, the supplied panels are built in accordance with current regulations (such as NEN, ATEX, UL and CSA certifications).

Thanks to our experts and suppliers, we guarantee reliability and quality. That is why all our deliveries come with our quality and sustainability guarantee. After our extensive quality and functionality check, our control cabinets are always delivered ready for operation, together with the associated test report and the declaration of conformity.

Modern Electrical


  • Existing System Integrations

    Communication between systems is key. We offer full hardware and software control to enable seamless integrations with your existing processes and systems.

  • Software Engineering

    Our software engineers ensure you always have maximum controls. Features you need, remote control, system diagnostics - everything is possible at the push of a button.

  • AI Innovation

    Smart control systems require smart software systems. We're always operating at the forefront of innovation. AI plays an important role in realising the right control system for you.

  • Endless Applications

    From smart energy management systems to efficient electrical components, we have over 30 years of experience building electrical systems for an endless number of applications.



We believe in growing with the times. That is why we invest in the best electrical engineers. We’re also continuously investing in the training and development of our staff. 

Gone are the days of traditional electrical engineering. Systems are becoming more complex and standards are improving rapidly. 

No matter the complexity of your project, our engineers are experts at translating your processes and systems into plug and play control systems. 

Full in house


We’re our own biggest customer! 

We build all our own control systems for various internal products and projects. That is core to the NieuweWeme philosophy. We produce everything ourselves. We like to keep communication lines short and projects fast. This is only possible with single points of contact and few stakeholders to rely on. 

From casings and components to smart control software, everything is done by us. This way you never have to worry about various parties involved in your projects. One single point of contact for everything. 

We’ll take care of the rest. 

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