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Large Scale Engineering Projects Simply Realized

We realize highly complex solutions in simple ways.

Are you looking for a partner that can translate your complex systems and processes into a compact and mobile solution? 

Our engineers from our Containerized Solutions business unit are here to help. We engineer your processes and solutions in a modular and compact way. Turn your process into a mobile, compact and plug & play solution inside standard or custom-built shipping containers. No more large infrastructure at your location. We transport the finished containers anywhere in the world and install them for you on-site. Easier for you, easier for your customers. 

All our solutions are fully built and tested at our headquarters for seamless delivery and installation at your desired location. Simply polish off the door handles with some glassex, and you’re ready to opperate! 

Our Containerized Solutions business unit is the one-stop-shop for any large scale engineering solution. 

As a partner in the process, quality assurance is extremely important to us. As an ISO-certified company, we meet all needs, requirements, laws and regulations even better. For example, we are continuously working on improving our processes, cooperation and quality within our companies. Our goal is to increase your customer satisfaction. 

With everything you need under one roof, we will appoint a dedicated team to your project. No more scope managing multiple stakeholders and suppliers. We’ll do everything from start to finish so you can focus on what really matters.


that works for you.

Plug & Play

Simply plug in your solution and you’re ready to operate. Fully tested, optimized and to go. 


Easy to transport, install and operate. Wherever you need.


Complex systems with a small footprint. To use your space efficiently.

Single POC

We do everything in-house giving you a single point of contact. No more scope-split management so you can focus on what matters!

Complex Process.
Simple Solution.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is never compromised for the sake of space. We use every inch we can to create smart, high quality and reliable engineering solutions.

  • Fully Certified

    ISO: 9001:2015 certified.

  • In-house Development & Production

    We produce and manufacture every component we can in-house. This way we control as much of the process as possible, as sustainably as possible. From modified shipping containers to in house welding of SS, ALU and CS piping.

  • International

    We build for clients all over the world. From Twente to Tokyo - there's no limit!

Easy for you. Easy for your customers.

Plug & Play

Our solutions are designed to be plug & play. We build and test all your projects at our headquarters in Twente. Once tested and approved, the shipping containers are prepared for transportation. Upon arrival, we install and plug the system in for you. 

All of our projects leave our facility fully tested and ready to operate. 

It’s really as simple as that. 

Easy on your wallet. Easy on the planet.


Building your systems and processes inside one or multiple assembled shipping containers has many advantages. Perhaps most important is mobility. Shipping containers are compact and inherently designed for easy transportation. 

No matter how complex your system, we’re confident we can fit it inside a shipping container. No more shipping large infrastructure and raw material across the globe. Need to move your system to another location? Off-site or off-shore? Simply pack up and go! 

Our engineers are experts in modular and mobile engineering. This way all our solutions are scalable and engineered according to your specifications. 

A Hands-on Partner

We build lasting partnerships with our customers. Our extensive portfolio of returning customers speaks to our commitment to lasting results.

30+ years experience

Engineering and manufacturing runs through our veins. Your process is in experienced hands.

A-Z Solution

From engineering to production. From testing to transport. We take care of everything from start to finish.

Why NieuweWeme?

At home in every sector

Water treatment, energy storage, hydrogen production, ammoniak production, waste treatment... We do it all!

Quality Guarantee

From electrical components to piping and housing. Everything in-house, giving us full control over production quality.

Your Process First

We believe in practical partnerships. Your process is always central to our engineering efforts.

Easy on the eyes. Easy on the environment.


Transform your complex process into a compact and sustainable solution. Why build large scale infrastructure and permanent buildings when a simple shipping container can do the same job?

You want to make impact! System down time, transportation and installation are all things that reduce your impact. That is why we design our systems to have little to no down time and we even take care of the transportation for you! 

Simplicity is key in engineering. We’re experts at keeping things simple and keeping things small. No matter how complex your system, we’ll construct it onto skids to ensure you have the smallest possible footprint.

Easy process. Easy collaboration.

No more scope split management.

With our four business units, we’re able to produce almost every component in house. No more difficult collaborations with multiple partners and endless resourced poured into scope split management. We offer the full solution from start to finish. From electrical, software and mechanical engineering we can take your entire process on. 

We assign a dedicated team to each project with one single point of contact. This gives you the time and resources  to focus on what really matters  for you. We’ll do everything:

  • Field Cabling  
  • Welding  
  • Piping
  • Container Modification
  • Skid Construction 
  • Electrical Engineering & Control Cabinets 
  • Transport

This way, we’re able to create personalized solutions to suite your needs,  all under one roof.

We'll take the weight off your shoulders

How we work

  • Your process. Our Solution. Full Control.

    We like to start our collaborations as early as possible. This way we can advise you as your develop your processes and systems. Our expert engineers will advise you on the possibilities and help you perfect your process. We understand that you want things done right. That's why we give you full control. While we are happy to take the entire process off your hands - from engineering to production, we give our customers the flexibility to choose when and where in the process they want our involvement.

  • Detail Engineering

    With your process set in stone, our engineers get to work turning your ideas into a production roadmap. With 3D models we take you through our entire design process, giving you full control. Using these models, we turn the entire system into a ready-to-produce drawing for our skilled staff to work from.

  • Practical Partnerships

    The region of Twente is known for its practical outlook on life. We are no different. Where do you intend to use your solution? How can we reduce down-time? Can we automate the production process? With our three production locations across Twente we have solutions for any practical challenges you might be facing. We like to avoid long meetings with several stakeholders. At NieuweWeme you'll always have one point of contact and a dedicated team to delivering quality results on time. The rest we keep in house. From production to assembly. From engineering to assembly. This way you can focus on what really matters.

  • Production

    Lights. Camera. Action. We'll take care of the entire production process. Whether it's a one-off project or production in series, we have the capacity to make it happen. All in one place. Our expert welders, mechanical and electrical engineers ensure your entire process is produced by experts in house.

  • Plug & Play

    Fully produced, assembled and tested, your solution will leave our facility ready to operate. We'll even take care of the transportation for you! We even come and install your solution at your location for you, anywhere in the world. Thanks to our detail oriented engineering, installations are always quick and easy. All that's left for you is to take a picture to share with your clients!

Complex processes, simple solutions.

Skid Mounted Projects

Building modular solutions requires careful planning and exact engineering. We do this by designing and engineering skid-mounted solutions for our customers. This gives you full control over every step of the process and allows us to easily mount the completed skids inside containers in a modular way. 

This also give you full flexibility. In some cases you may not need your process to be containerized. Instead, we can deliver your process compactly mounted onto skids for easy installation at your desired location. 

We have extensive experience of producing skid mounted projects in a variety of sectors. 

Want to find out whether skid-mounted projects are right for  you? Get in touch with our experts and we’ll be happy to guide you through the options! 

Get in touch with Sebastiaan!