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Salttech DyVaR-60

Salttech DyVaR-60 Salttech is a fast-growing, innovative company engaged in water purification applications in the food industry, drinking water and up- and downstream process industries. Over the years, Salttech has developed an effective and responsible way of water treatment with its own knowledge, the DyVaR technology. Production NieuweWeme produced and installed Salttech’s DyVaR-60 system.  Our …

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HOAF Weedcontrol

HOAF Chemical-free Weed control Weeds are a major problem for maintenance in public spaces, but also for agriculture and horticulture, where the use of chemical pesticides is increasingly restricted. HOAF has been providing thermal solutions for non-chemical weed control for over 50 years. Due to the experience and knowledge that has been built up during …

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Biotrack AquaScope

BioTrack AquaScope and BT-MED Analyzer Biotrack is engaged in developing innovative tools for ultrafast microbial screening, detection and specific identification. With the aim of shortening the detection time and thus preventing ecological and health-related microbial contamination. Production We acted as the producer for Biotack’s aquascope and BT-MED analyzer systems. Our Process Production Production of the …

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JOYinCARE lifts

JOYinCARE Lifts for healthcare JOYinCARE contributes to more fun in healthcare while building to keep healthcare sustainable and affordable. The products reduce the physical burden for the care provider and increase the self-esteem for the client. JOYinCARE makes a positive contribution by always putting the client’s or care provider’s requirements first and continuously looking for …

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Eaton Transformer station container

Eaton Containerized Transformer station As an energy management company, Eaton provides energy-efficient products and services worldwide to help manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical energy in the most reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable way. Electricity is a fundamental part of everyday life. That’s why Eaton is committed to improving people’s lives and the environment through everything …

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Aqana water purification

Aqana Wastewater treatment Karmeliten Brewery With the anaerobic treatment technology they developed, Aqana has been focusing on wastewater treatment since 2011. The Aqana DACS® is an anaerobic reactor. In the absence of oxygen, waste is converted into biogas and a small amount of sludge. Due to the adhesive property of bacteria, anaerobic bacteria are grown …

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