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Wastewater treatment Karmeliten Brewery

With the anaerobic treatment technology they developed, Aqana has been focusing on wastewater treatment since 2011.

The Aqana DACS® is an anaerobic reactor. In the absence of oxygen, waste is converted into biogas and a small amount of sludge. Due to the adhesive property of bacteria, anaerobic bacteria are grown on floating carriers. This floating carrying bed makes reactor design so simple that it will fit into any tank on the market.

DACS system

Due to the lower energy consumption and the production of green biogas, the system offers more than just the benefits of anaerobic wastewater treatment. The wastewater treatment plant of the Karmeliten brewery is now operational and produces methane gas. The gas generated from the wastewater purification process is used to feed the boiler for the beer brewing process.

Our Process


  • Mechanical Engineering
    (complete container including the piping).
  • Electrical engineering.


  • Production of the mechanical parts
    (container construction, skids, piping, platforms and stairs).
  • The control panel building
  • Production of the control cabinet.
  • Assembly and mounting of the container set-up including piping.
  • Electrical wiring and connecting parts.
  • Factory Acceptance Test of the entire installation including software.


  • Transport of the installation from Oldenzaal to the customer.
  • Completely built on-site, connected, tested and delivered ready for operation.