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NieuweWeme Group

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Engineering & Assembly

Solutions for a better world.

For more than 30 years, NieuweWeme has been engineering, producing and assembling high-tech solutions for clients around the world.

We’re experts at developing and producing sustainable projects and products in various sectors. What started with one man in his garage has now grown into an organization with more than 180 experts spread over various business units within the group.

Our colleagues all have the same goal: to create reliable solutions in collaboration with our clients. High quality and reliable solutions delivered on time. We hold a ISO9001:2015 certification.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Quality First!

We use our proven techniques in modular applications, so that we can produce quickly and easily in-house.

Your long-term partner

Finding solutions is in our blood. We aim to create the maximum added value for our customers. By collaborating with our customers as early as possible, we can support with the entire process.

With our own input and the motto ‘Engineering for a better tomorrow’, we realize end-products from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being able to develop, manufacture and produce each and every component of our solutions in-house. We do all this not as a supplier but as a partner, with a vision on long-term cooperation. This way, you’ll always know who to turn to with questions and problems.

Quality Unsurpassed

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed a working method within the NieuweWeme Group that guarantees that the requirements of the customer, but also that applicable laws and regulations, are met.

Program requirements
The Program of Requirements (PoR) contains all substantive wishes and requirements that you as a client have for the product. The PoR is the basis of the design, no matter what the final product is. The PoR includes, among other things, the preconditions (legislation and regulations), functional and operational requirements, user wishes and design restrictions. This ensures that we, the client and the contractor, speak the same language and that no differences of interpretation arise.

When the PoR is in place, a visual concept is developed and presented. When the concept meets your expectations, it will be further developed into a preliminary design. When the preliminary designs are also in line, a detailed design will be made.

Depending on the product (series or one-offs), a prototype is developed or production is started.

Quality assurance
Under the supervision of the project manager, the project and milestone planning is strictly enforced. This ensures that the agreed delivery time is met and that the quality requirements are met. Compliance with standards and laws and regulations falls under the milestone planning, where additional (interim) tests are carried out to demonstrate compliance. Naturally, the milestone planning also includes the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and the Site Acceptance Test (SAT). This way you can be sure that your solution meets the requirements and wishes upon delivery.

An evaluation follows for every completed project. We do this with the customer, but also with all employees involved. Here attention is paid to the questions; what have we learned, what could we have done differently, and above all: how are we going to do better next time.

Your all in one partner

Everything under one roof

As a full service provider of engineering and production services, we pride ourselves on having all the necessary skills and capabilities in0house. This way we can realise your projects all under one roof, with one partner. 

Check out some of the skills and capabilities we have in-house:

  • software engineering 
  • electrical engineering 
  • EPLAN 
  • solidworks 
  • mechanical engineering 
  • pneumatic engineering 
  • robotic welding
  • automated production 
  • lathing 
  • panel construction 
  • serial production
  • manual welding 
  • design 
  • research & development 
  • assembly 

Dedicated to sustainability.
Inside and out.

CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is the sustainability instrument of the Netherlands that helps companies and governments to reduce CO2 and costs. It is an instrument that was created in 2009 by ProRail with the aim of encouraging companies participating in tenders to become CO2-aware in their own business operations and in the implementation of projects. This mainly concerns energy conservation, the efficient use of materials and the use of sustainable energy. Since 2011, the CO2 Performance Ladder has been owned and managed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship.


At NieuweWeme we are consciously working on reducing our CO2 emissions. NieuweWeme takes this social responsibility into account. We carefully monitor our energy and fuel consumption in our offices and workshops.


NieuweWeme takes its social responsibility seriously by, for example, setting reduction targets and taking measures to achieve these targets.

For example, NieuweWeme aims to implement the latest reduction measures in 2025, so that NieuweWeme will operate completely green from 2026 onwards. These objectives and associated measures are set out in our annual Energy Management Action Plan.


Progress on these objectives and on the planned measures are reported in our semi-annual progress reports.


The NieuweWeme Group actively participates in several market initiatives to contribute to the climate objectives and the energy transition. As part of Koolen Industries, the NieuweWeme Group participates in projects in the field of hydrogen and bidirectional ecosystems such as charging/discharging and battery technologies.

How we work

The NieuweWeme Method


Listening to you, that’s what we’re good at. That is also the only way in which we can realize a great product or project together. In the inventory phase, our account and project managers look at the preconditions, the functional requirements and operational requirements together with you. You can of course express any preferences. After all, it’s your idea.

Conceptual Thinking

The first step towards a tangible solution is the concept phase. As soon as you tell us about your wishes during the inventory, our creative brain starts thinking in terms of solutions. We work out the concepts that form from that moment on to make them visual for you. We are happy to present these to you for further discussion. This is the first visual step in the development process.


The idea takes shape and is drawn up in a realistic and technically feasible concept. In doing so, we take into account all requirements, the manufacturability, but also any production costs. We design suitable parts, calculate the stresses and forces needed to function properly and record this all in a drawing.​


It’s a magical moment, that moment when you see a first prototype of the product you have in mind. We get to work immediately after our first meeting to show you something concrete as soon as possible. Thanks to the prototype, we know in no time whether the idea works in practice. Moreover, you immediately get a feeling for the final product. This is how you see your idea become reality!


Serial production of your elaborated idea is our specialty. We can manufacture like no other. We produce all parts ourselves in our manufacturing factories: NieuweWeme the panel construction, NieuweWeme the machine factory and NieuweWeme the welding shop. The whole is then assembled in the departments: NieuweWeme projects and NieuweWeme products. Whether it concerns a single product or small series, we can help you with our knowledge and expertise.


Regardless of your project location, we’ll take care of it for you. Whether through installation, in the field or in a factory: we’ll ensure that the implementation runs smoothly. All projects we deliver are turnkey. For example, the connection is quickly, smoothly and easily realized and we can even arrange it in such a way that no NieuweWeme technician is required. Your own technical service can then immediately get to work.​